Will You Be Our Valentine?

Summer’s Landing is well-known for the big and creative ways it celebrates holidays throughout the year. Valentine’s Day is one of our favorites, for many reasons. Whether single or coupled, there’s something about Valentine’s Day that stirs us to remember happy moments of friendship and togetherness. It invites everyone to send a secret (or not-so-secret) greeting of affection, to add a little color and sweetness to a winter day.

Residents and staff look forward to the now-familiar and comforting traditions here: from the traditional sweetheart steak luncheon, to the annual crowning of the King and Queen of Hearts at the afternoon party. However, with each passing year, we create new traditions to cherish and build excitement. New for 2014 are Valentine mailboxes of every shape and color popping up in all the departments, and our photo display of resident and staff Sweethearts continues to grow. What a family we have here!

Meanwhile, the Activities team has been busy inviting people to share their proposal stories. These emotional and heartfelt vignettes will premiere during the Valentine’s Day party later this week. We understand there may even be a re-enactment of a proposal, that happened at Summer’s Landing just last year!

Why do we make such an effort for holidays, and the everyday? I think I discovered the answer this week. One resident shared the reason why community living was so appealing to her. “After my husband died, our house was just too big for me. I hated rattling around there, alone, and everywhere I looked, it reminded me of him. I wanted a fresh start, and a chance to make some new memories. My marriage may have ended when my husband died, but I wanted to keep living.”

Her advice for a happy marriage (she was married over 50 years, so she’s somewhat of an expert!):

  1. Love the one you’re with.
  2. Tend to your garden: don’t let the weeds of bitterness and hurt feelings grow.
  3. When big decisions are needed, face them together. Talk about it, pray about it, and then just leave it alone for a while. Later, come back together again, and see what decision you reach together.
  4. Speak up, but in love. It’s just as easy to smile as it is to frown.

From our hearts to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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