The Power of Friendship in a Small World

It really is a small world, after all. This is proved over and over again at Summer’s Landing when guests come to tour our community for the first time. So often, there are all sorts of emotions felt by prospective residents at that first meeting: from nervous and curious, to excited and confident, or even resigned about their changing needs. Together, we talk through all the logistics, and preferences, and costs, and most importantly, what life here could be like for them.

It is days like today, when a person who is searching for help comes to our door, and we introduce them to someone they have known from childhood, and have not seen in so many years, THAT is what my makes my heart smile! To have old friends reconnect, to see their eyes light up in delighted astonishment, to watch them embrace like the long-time friends they are, to see the visitors visibly relax, and hear the relief in their voice.

There were a few tears shed today, and I think all of us stood a little taller, a little more confident, and a whole lot more grateful.

These little moments, these small coincidences, I think, are some of the most wonderful, and they visibly demonstrate the power of living in a caring community. Today, we celebrate the thrill of friendship, and the reassurance that it brings.

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Justin Peacock

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