On Days Like This . . .

Days like today, where the wind is whipping, and the temperature is dropping, make me thankful to be safe, secure, and WARM at Summer’s Landing. So many residents here enjoy the friendliness of the people and the beautiful surroundings. They experience the day-to-day together with their friends.They appreciate the assistance offered by team members.

But, on days like this, when the weather is unpredictable and winter advisories are on high-alert, residents get to experience even more of the unspoken value of Senior Living. Knowing that no matter what the weather may be doing outside, there is an entire team of professionals who have an emergency plan in place, who worry about the details, who work together, braving the cold to keep residents safe and satisfied. They do this, so residents don’t have to. It’s our honor, our responsibility, and our great commitment to the seniors who call Summer’s Landing home.

On days like this, when the weather outside is frightful, we’re even more thankful for each other.

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