Pen Pal Power!

Making authentic connections is an essential part of a vibrant life. Those connections are even sweeter when they span across generations. In 2016, we were pleased to be part of a pen pal club with a nearby school. Over the course of several months, several Independent Living and Assisted Living residents and student pen pals […]

The Power of Friendship in a Small World

It really is a small world, after all. This is proved over and over again at Summer’s Landing when guests come to tour our community for the first time. So often, there are all sorts of emotions felt by prospective residents at that first meeting: from nervous and curious, to excited and confident, or even […]

On Days Like This . . .

Days like today, where the wind is whipping, and the temperature is dropping, make me thankful to be safe, secure, and WARM at Summer’s Landing. So many residents here enjoy the friendliness of the people and the beautiful surroundings. They experience the day-to-day together with their friends.They appreciate the assistance offered by team members. But, […]